Portraits-2012-037More than ever before, we show ourselves through pictures.

Not too long ago, our portraits were confined to frames on our parents’ walls, yearbooks, and perhaps the odd Wanted poster. Modern life, for the screenager generation, is a sprawling village of digital identities.

Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, messaging platforms – every time we share or say anything online, our photo is right next to it. So it should be a good one, right?

One price. All-in.

I charge a fair price for my time, skill and work, so there’s no hidden costs.

No extra fees for downloads or touch-ups, no limitations on what you can do with the photos, and prints are cheap.

You get every picture I shoot in an on-line gallery so you can download, share, or print them. They’re your photos.

On location.

Life doesn’t happen in a studio, so I come to you.

Your home, a park, or your favorite spot in the city. No boring backdrops; a good portrait should show the world you live in.

And of course we can review the photos right then and there. On my iPad, or hooked up to your TV.

Solo Environmental: € 100

A one-hour session in a location of your choice. Head-shots for your portfolio or résumé, environmental portraits to show off your home or hobby, or something wilder – name it, I’m in.

No cold studio, no waiting room. Show who you are by showing where you are: a petrol-head in his garage, an equestrian on the riding path, a painter in her studio or with her easel in the meadow.

It’s normal for these sessions to go a little over an hour, so I don’t watch the clock too closely.But if you’re inspired and want to try a new location or a different idea, the second hour’s half-price!

Profile & Cover

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter include ‘cover photos’, panoramic pictures at the top of your profile page, so if you need one, I’ll be happy to shoot a picture that goes well with your portrait.

Themes & Styles

Looking for something creative? Vintage Hollywood, urban grit, ’80s neon or timeless chic – if you have an idea, we’ll make it happen.

Couples: € 175

Love makes fools of us all – nothing says romance like a snowball fight or mad splashing on the beach. Take a stroll together down your favorite promenade, visit the tree where you first carved your names together, or show off your new home while the paint’s still drying.

Whether you’re in the throes of new love or celebrating your umpteenth anniversary, your love is always worth celebrating. In this 1½-hour session we’ll immortalise the meaning of togetherness.

Family: € 250

A one-hour session in your home. Partners, relatives, children, pets and babies – everyone’s fair game for fun, formal or fantastic photos.

We’ll shoot individual portraits, lively group shots, the kids with and without their parents… The sky’s the limit, and there’s no charge per photo.





Formal headshots or wild and wacky, your portraits should reflect who you are.

– Nico Janssen

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