With summer finally reasserting itself after a false start in April, we couldn’t ask for finer weather to celebrate the birthday of my sister-in-law-kind-of-beause-David-and-I-aren’t-married-but-whatever, Eva.

Hosted by her father and his wife Judith (some of the finest hosts whose hospitality I’ve had the pleasure of exploiting) we enjoyed the sun in their garden, under the influence of her father’s expansive and insistent collection of recently discovered wines. And before any of the bottles was close to exhaustion an announcement was made across the table that required quite a few handshakes, kisses and, yes, another bottle of extra special wine.

Then dinner at a local restaurant… I could wax prosaic, but if you’ve had dinner at a table full of relatives and friends, you know what I’m talking about.

Happy birthday, Eva!

  • Nico